Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lacy Lantern

Hello! Have you seen these pretty crocheted lanterns?
I think the light shining through the crochet pattern is gorgeous!
I just had to try making one! They are perfect for a little LED tea light.

Quite a few of the lanterns I saw were made out of individual
motif's. I wanted something a little more simple...
...after a little research,
I saw this one. It uses 2 doilies. 

 I started with a doily I already had.

Then, made another one to match.

I stitched them together along the sides (right sides facing out), connecting
them mainly at the top of the
scallops. I wanted the sides to have a large enough opening to slide in the tea light.

I mixed glue and water (about equal parts, but it really isn't too fussy!)
and soaked the doilies in it.

I slid the ballon in the center, and blew it up, leaving the
knot on the outside. I used a 12 inch balloon.

I hung it up to dry...waiting for it to try was the hardest part!!!
When it was dry, I popped the balloon
and added a LED tea light.
Oh my gosh, I just love it!!!!
Thanks for checking in and have a great day!

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