Monday, June 27, 2016

Red, White, and Blue

Here is another pattern that lends itself well to using 3 colors.
I made one to celebrate the 4th of July.
You can find the chart here.
Have a great day and thanks for checking in!

Monday, June 6, 2016

Yellow and Blue Doily Update...

Hello! It's been a while since I've posted on this little blog...lots going on this past month. But, school is out, summer is almost here (still have to finish packing up a few things in my classroom), and I'm looking forward to more crochet time and hitting the bike trails.

Almost a year ago, I post about a few blue and yellow doilies I was making; I had a 'vision' of how I wanted to use them at my son's graduation party. Well, we had his graduation party this past weekend, so I thought I'd give an update those blue and yellow beauties.

I made six flower pots...took a 6 inch terra cotta flower pot, painted it white, adhered pictures with Mod Podge, and added a dowel with a title. I had a theme for each one: graduation, speech, etc. that related to activities my son did during high school. They turned out really neat.
I wanted to take more pictures of them on the tables, but you know how that goes. You get everything set up and ready, but there is always one more detail to take care of and before you know it, people are coming and the day is off and running!

Here's a photo of a little corner of my yard. I put citronella candles in mason jars...more for atmosphere than bugs, really! I thought the little candles looked pretty lit around the yard.

I used a vintage suitcase for cards...a Pinterest idea that's been around for a while. This picture was taken on my kitchen table after the event, so the lighting is bad...sorry! The suitcase and doilies gave a little vintage look to the party. ; )

The day was's always great to celebrate your kids, isn't it???

I hope to be back with more the meantime, thanks for checking in!


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