Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lace Insert Shirt

This a totally Pinterest inspired project! Sewing, crochet, scrapbooking...I love doing anything crafty and creative.  And if I can create something and wear it, even better! I saw this pretty shirt/tutorial for a lace insert and knew I just had to try it! You can find the full tutorial here.
I chose to use this was only 1.50 at the thrift store and it is so cute with gray, teal, and yellow dots.  I found a pretty piece of lace for 1.00 in the fabric section. I cut the shirt down the middle of the back, as described in the tutorial and planned the placement of my lace.
 Here is a closer look at all of the colorful dots on the shirt. ; )
I pinned, then sewed the lace in place. I trimmed the lace closer to the stitch line. And here it is:
(The picture really doesn't do it is very cute in person!!) 
The best thing is, I have enough lace to make another shirt...
Thanks for checking in and happy sewing! Leave a comment if you try this project!

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