Friday, June 11, 2010

Vintage Glitter Storage

Hello! I'd like to share how I store my glitter. This is not my original idea; I've seen several people share this method and I love it. I use vintage salt shakers...I have about 10 of them. I have to admit, I don't use glitter a lot, but this is a pretty way to store it. The holes on the top are big enough for the glitter to come out and it's pretty easy to control. It's also easy to collect what you don't use and pour it back into the container.

Thanks for looking and have a super day!


Karin said...

This is such a creative storage idea and cute too :) Thanks for visiting us at the DRS Designs blog!

Alicia a.k.a. Crafty Al said...

These are fantastic!! I have been wanting to hit up the local antique store for a while, now I have even more items to look for. Thanks for stopping by the DRS Designs blog for our giveaway.

Shirley said...

Thank you for sharing your containers with me on my blog! It is so inspiring to share ideas! Apparently the glitter storage I used that I found at Target is no longer available. I have since found that Sur la Table carries the little carrier full of fun glitter containers.
I too have collected the little antique salt and pepper shakers to give to family and friends to put samples of our TNT pepper shake my husband makes!
I was happy to see the carriers are still available because I want to put some embossing powders in them! I love bling and glitter! So fun! Shirley

Into Vintage said...

This is a great idea - especially because of how nice it looks when not in use. I don't have a lot of glitter but what I do have is still sitting in Martha's original containers. In a drawer. Because I thought the containers were not display-worthy. Thanks! -amy


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